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1. IBLogScript - scripting tool for replication and cancel of data changes for Interbase®.

IBLogScript is intended for IBExpert (v. or later) users working with IBExpert® data changes log.

(IBExpert log machine is a set of tables and triggers for data changes tracing. IBExpert automatically generates this set)

If You already work with this convenient capacity, but need a tool for data changes cancel or transference from one sister database to another, IBLogScript will help You.

IBLogScript creates SQL script (and XML log) for replication or cancelling of data changes logged by IBExpert (in tables IBE$LOG_TABLES, IBE$LOG_FIELDS etc.)

2. User's directions

Just specify database file name, user name, password and script type (reproducing - canceling) and execute (F9), then save resulting script in file or copy it to clipboard.

To show in script date and user info (who and when made this data change) set checkbox "Include date and user comments" to true.

You can also restrict period of data changes that will be included in resulting script by specifying right period dates.

3. Known limitations

BLOB fields updating is not supported yet.

4. Development plans

BLOB fields updating realization is planned by means of XML-based data changes log transference.

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